Our next film will be on Tuesday 28th February 7.30pm at St Mary’s Centre
A Touch of Sin
135 mins
Director Jia Zhangeke
Starring Jiang Wu, Zhao Tao, Wang Baoqiang
Cert 15

Four overlapping narrative threads from real life incidents viscerally illuminate the individual frustrations subsumed below the surface glamour of contemporary China’s economic miracle. Whilst Wuxia martial arts influences are reflected with scenes of stylised and cathartic violence, this Palme D’Or nominated film deviates from export-approved Chinese cinema with its themes of alienation and injustice carrying an implicit social criticism that has seen it fall foul of state censors.

“Portrays the plight of workers in the new China. Set in four provinces, A Touch of Sin is humanist critique of the country’s turn to capitalism.” Chicago Sun Times

Venue: St Mary’s Centre