Our next film of the season will be on Tuesday 23rd February 7.45pm at St Mary’s Centre


Wild Tales
(Relatos Salvajes)
122 mins
Director Damian Szifron
Starring Ricardo Darín, Oscar Martínez, Leonardo Sbaraglia

A series of vignettes – absurdly taut, funny and emotionally charged all with the common theme of revenge. Opening in an isolated late night diner where a waitress realises that the boorish customer she is serving is the man who ruined her life, revenge is best served cold. At a lavish wedding celebration the bride discovers her new husband has been unfaithful, how to overcome the tremendous loss of face? On an empty stretch of desert road a yuppie and an aged truck driver engage in increasingly funny and extreme road games to what end? An under pressure executive is brought to an explosive solution as he is pushed too far by the municipal parking authorities.

A delicious chocolate box of nastiness.  Peter Bradshaw,  The Guardian

Part of the 2016 Chester International Film Festival

Venue: St Mary’s Centre