Our next film of the season will be on Wednesday 4th March 7.45pm at St Mary’s Centrefrontimage_barbaraBarbara
105 mins
Director Christian Petzold
Starring Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld

Part of the 2015 Chester International Film Festival.

In 1980’s East Berlin Barbara (Nina Hoss) is a doctor banished to a country clinic for applying for an exit visa. Deeply unhappy with her new assignment and fearful of her co-workers as possible Stasi informants, Barbara stays aloof, especially from the good-natured head of clinic Andre (Ronald Zehrfeld). As she secretly prepares a plan to defect she manages to maintain a professional attitude to her responsibilities. However as her plans come to fruition Barbara finds herself facing a painful moral dilemma that forces her to decide one way or another who and what she values most.

Venue: St Mary’s Centre