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The Wicker Man (The Final Cut)
93 mins
Director Robin Hardy
Starring Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Diane Cilento
Cert 15

With an introduction by Mike Graham and a Q&A with the assistant musical director from the film Gary Carpenter.

A devout Christian policeman investigates the disappearance of a girl
from a remote Scottish island community, which turns into an eerie
confrontation of religions in this classic and intelligent folk horror, with a
screenplay by Anthony Shaffer. The film has great performances
throughout but especially notable are Christopher Lee and Edward
Woodward as the two main protagonists.

The creation, loss and rediscovery of both the film and its soundtrack is
as fascinating as the film itself, which will be shared in a special
introduction before the screening, by Mike Graham.

“This version… is the film as we originally intended it” – Robin Hardy (Director)

Venue – Storyhouse